As anticipated in my previous post, I built a docset that will dramatically speed-up Talend Open Studio component development under Mac OS X environments and specifically to those using Dash Snippet Manager. This docset, made in Apple standard format, basically exposes the full set of Talend Open Studio API 5.2 in a more organic and searchable way. To use it, follow these steps:

  1. Install Dash from this App Store link;
  2. In Preferences > Downloads click the “+” icon and paste the following feed URL:;
  3. Click the “Download” button to automatically install. After this operation, the window will looks similar to the following picture:
  4. Close the Preferences Windows. A new entry Talend Open Studio should be visible between installed docsets. Now you can explore the full API set or make searches using the “tos:” prefix (ie. “tos:IMetadataColumn):
  5. Namespaces unfortunately follow Obj-C syntax rather than Java one, but I was not able to fix it yet. I think it’s a bug in my docsetutil configuration, I’ll investigate further. However, this should not avoid the usefulness of the package.

Next steps will include a set of code snippets for Dash, devoted to Talend component development. Have a nice day!

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