How to use Maven in Talend component development

Recently I started doing some really serious Talend Open Studio component development for my company and for a spinoff of mine, so I realized that using a more robust build life-cycle would be great to speed-up development and avoid doing repetitive tasks (developing TOS component is really tedious and boring for such causes, actually). Since Talend team doesn’t seem to agree with this vision and the only other solution apparently made doesn’t satisfy my needs, I opted for a do-it-yourself approach and adopted Maven in Talend development for all my self-made components.

The idea is basically to provide a skeleton hello-world component supplied with a pom.xml files with a bunch of goals useful in component package and install. As a very quick start, you just need to check it out from my github repository, clone it and start playing following provided README information. It should be really easy to make it up-and-running in minutes if you follow this simple tutorial.
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Talend Open Studio API component development docset for Dash

Talend Open Studio API component development docset for Dash

As anticipated in my previous post, I built a docset that will dramatically speed-up Talend Open Studio component development under Mac OS X environments and specifically to those using Dash Snippet Manager. This docset, made in Apple standard format, basically exposes the full set of Talend Open Studio API 5.2 in a more organic and searchable way. To use it, follow these steps:

  1. Install Dash from this App Store link;
  2. In Preferences > Downloads click the “+” icon and paste the following feed URL:;
  3. Click the “Download” button to automatically install. After this operation, the window will looks similar to the following picture:
  4. Close the Preferences Windows. A new entry Talend Open Studio should be visible between installed docsets. Now you can explore the full API set or make searches using the “tos:” prefix (ie. “tos:IMetadataColumn):
  5. Namespaces unfortunately follow Obj-C syntax rather than Java one, but I was not able to fix it yet. I think it’s a bug in my docsetutil configuration, I’ll investigate further. However, this should not avoid the usefulness of the package.

Next steps will include a set of code snippets for Dash, devoted to Talend component development. Have a nice day!

Doxygen/javadoc for Talend Open Studio API for 5.2

Talend Open Studio is a great open source platform to develop ETL and data processing workflows based on Eclipse, with a easy-to-lean plugin architecture (although not perfect, in my opinion) and a powerful set of API for developers. Even if the most part of this set of APIs is not for ordinary development (it’s for the designer part, and useful to customize the GUI perspective), the remaining part is in the classpath of the javajet preprocessor, so it can be used to compile components. It’s open source, but documentation is not easily available, so I decided to compile, host and maintain a doxygen/javadoc documentation of the whole set of Talend Open Studio API. It’s fully indexed and full-text server-side searchable and it’s built upon svn repository for the 5.2 branch.

Browse the documentation

You can find it there: Talend Open Studio API for 5.2

Here’s you can find the doxygen definition file used to make it, in case you need to tweak it and perhaps host locally for your needs. Please remember that you need to adjust all paths (including DOT_PATH, for graphs generation) accordingly!

Next step includes the generation of a docset, useful to speed up development under Max OS X, perhaps using an assistant like Dash.

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