Twitter Components Pack for Talend

The first completely free, open source components pack for connecting Twitter to Talend Open Studio.
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No coding is required
The set of searching and parsing capabilities supported by the Twitter APIs is accessible through UI in a pure Talend way!

Secure OAuth Connection
Connect to Twitter APIs, perform queries and parse results to your Talend through an secure OAuth connection. You will never use your personal Twitter credentials.

Search and Streaming API fully supported
Both the search and the straming APIs are supported, with all the available operators.

Graphical Query Builder
Build complex filtering queries using a GUI-based query builder that mimics the familiar Filter components in Talend Open Studio

What you can do with these components

Twitter Components for Talend will let you open/close OAuth connections to Twitter for authentication and a bounce of components for making queries using the Search API or the Streaming API.  The first is used to do queries as you’re using the search fields on Twitter website by yourself, digging from the historical set of tweets of the last seven days (due to limitation of Twitter public APIs themselves). The latter is used to set up a persistent channel to Twitter to get fresh tweets as they arrives.

Almost the entire set of parameters for both are supported and made accessible through  easy-to-use wizards. Outputs are available on both structured (row) connections ore one big JSON strings per tweet for further processing or for storing on a key-value data store like HBaseMongoDB or many other Big Data platforms.

The components are free for download and use even in commercial projects, as they are released under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License v3.0.

This software is open source and free to use
No, thanks; just let me download the components

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